Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Don't use logoworks!

I am currently in a dispute with logoworks. If I had to give them a consumer review my opinion would be that they are a bunch of lousy crooks - but that's just one mans opinion. I certainly have no proof that they commit actual crimes, except of course taking my money and not providing the promised services.

It all started when I purchased a corporate gold ID pack. Unlimited logo revisions were included, but only a finite number of stationary/business card revisions.

They provided fine logo services (and why not, I had bought unlimited revision rounds so they had nothing to gain and everything to lose by stringing it out). I am happy with the logo.

Unfortunately I had only bought a limited number of revisions of stationary design. It quickly became clear that Logoworks' only interest was in demanding extra charges for more revision rounds. The change I requested was, quite literally, "please take the business card from the first image and combine it with the stationary and envelope design from the second image and that will be all three finished."

But no, the next revision had altered colors and layouts (in ridiculous ways) and demanded another $40 if I wanted any more "revisions". I called them up and the person on the phone apologized and said it would be fixed for free.

Guess how that went?

Soon they had made multiple rounds of stupid "misunderstandings" even after they were able to repeat what was needed back to me on the phone. I even sent them clipped pictures from their own website showing this card design with that stationary design. I spent hours trying to get things fixed before I realized it was a shakedown. Basically I wasn't getting my final files without giving them more money.

Eventually, after over a month of this, I had missed the trade shows and conferences I wanted the logo's and stationary for in the first place and I gave up. I contacted my credit card company asking for a refund for just the portion of the charge associated with the stationary services (since I had never received the services advertised).

I was utterly floored with the Logoworks response. They deleted my account (including both the Logo and all available Evidence of their games with the stationary) and disputed my attempt to reclaim my money. They claim in their letter that I have taken delivery of the logo (true, and never argued by me) and that I am "still working on his stationary design and has not yet selected the final design," a flat out lie. A lie made all the more amazing since it would have taken them far less effort to simply deliver the design to me and claim the money properly. A lie made amazingly flagrant by the fact they have closed my web access and shut down my projects, meaning that I can't possibly "select a final design".

So now I have this blog. I will add details as I get more energy. In the meantime here is the contact info from the guy at Logoworks:

Jon Petersen
Logoworks, Inc.
1-800-210-7650 x7008

Give him a call and yell at him for me, eh?

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Shiran Sanjeewa said...

Hi, now you've got a logo, why dont u send it over to me and i will make your stationary designs.

im here to help people like you