Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wow,, they want $40 to make the files usable

They finally sent me some files for stationary and envelopes and business cards.

The designs are useless because I couldn't wait 3 months for my team to have cards so I had someone else do a design after logoworks seemed hopeless.

Now they send me the final files, and the files have the wrong address, phone number, email, and no name on the business card.

The good news is that they will correct the text and print 500 business cards for $70, or you could go here for really good cards at $39 -- except that logoworks will charge you $40 if you want to put your actual name on the business cards and take them elsewhere. These changes are free of course if you stick with Logoworks' printing service.

Wow, just wow. After screwing me over for months I finally gave in and accepted final files only to find out they screw you even harder when its done!

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